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There are many ways to use relational databases from C#/.NET. Here's five of them.
Using Docker, Portainer, Traefik & Watchtower to easily manage many websites in a single VM.
I usually want to develop client app using VS Code and node dev server, but deploy it together with the API as a single web app.
As a lazy person I have a little obsession with productivity. I always seek for ways to achieve the same result with less effort (or more results with the same effort). I decided to go through a lot of backend technologies to see what's out there and does it matter which one is used. Could there be a framework that does the same as any other, but with less effort?
Let's say you want a property to represent a date. You could use DateTime type, but you would have to format the value to get rid of the time part. Instead, you could create a Date type. public struct Date { public int Year { get; set; } public int Month { get; set; } public int Day { get; set;